Receive the ultimate in-home barista service

If you love coffee as much as we do, then anything less than barista quality coffee won’t do. That's why our tailor-made Fully Automatic Coffee machines deliver barista quality coffee, hassle-free, at the touch of a button and all in the comfort of your own home. It's the best of both worlds – perfect coffee, simple
to use.

If you're keen to start pumping out lattes, cappuccinos, flat whites and a whole lot more, then our new
in-home Elite Experience set-up service will have you up and running in no time. We'll come to your home and set-up the machine, customise your preferences and configure your profiles.

Enjoy our Elite Experience* set-up service when you purchase a machine from the PrimaDonna range:
PrimaDonna Elite Experience
PrimaDonna Elite
PrimaDonna Class

As part of our new experience, you will receive:
- A two hour visit from one of our own coffee experts. They will teach you how to personalise your machine to you and your family’s specific coffee taste and show you how to use it to create that perfect barista quality coffee every time.
- Exclusive access to tips and tricks and coffee recipes.
- A coffee gift pack including a milk jug, coffee glasses and coffee beans.
- Perfect coffee from your PrimaDonna every single day.

To see if you’re eligible for the Elite Experience in-home barista service, head to: delonghicoffeemachines.com.au/elite-experience or to try one of our barista quality coffees
for yourself, head to an in-store demonstration near you.

*Available in selected central suburbs including: Sydney, Melbourne, Tasmania, Brisbane,
Perth and Adelaide.

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Father's Day made easy

Choosing the perfect gift for Father’s Day can be a task and a half. What do you get a dad who really does have everything? We’ve compiled a list of gifts for dads of different tastes. Forget the generic go-to of socks and undies, give a gift you know he’ll love!


PrimaDonna Class
Through De’Longhi’s commitment to innovation, a great cup of coffee is now only a touch away. The PrimaDonna Class is available in two sleek finishes, stainless steel or an impressive black, and holds up to 360g of fresh coffee beans of your choice, to deliver the ultimate barista quality coffee from the comfort of your kitchen. The machine allows you to adjust the aroma, coffee strength, temperature and milk to espresso ratio using either the CoffeeLink app or the machine interface. With the De’Longhi CoffeeLink app, coffee lovers can remotely select their favourite beverage, create a new recipe and adjust all settings through their phone. The machine also allows you to personalise and save a profile for yourself, your friends and family so you can recreate their order at the touch of a button.
RRP: The PrimaDonna Class range starts from $1,698.99

The Dinamica range can serve up to 13 coffee recipes. Your chosen coffee beverage can be enjoyed with just one touch or through the Drink Menu on the new LCD display. De'Longhi's exclusive LatteCrema system uses a mixing device that automatically delivers a dense, rich, long lasting milk foam - just like a professional Barista.
RRP: The Dinamica range starts from $1,199

The De’Longhi Magnifica is a sleek coffee machine which offers multiple coffees at a touch of a button. The machine allows you to make coffee beverages at the correct temperature, with the perfect density, colour and taste thanks to bean to cup technology. The manual milk frother allows for milk based coffees to be customised to the desired level of aroma and quantity for each recipe.
RRP: The Magnifica range starts from $599


Single Zone Wine Cabinet
The ultimate gift for the wine obsessed Dad. Sip in style with this beautiful and practical stainless steel, single zone wine cabinet that allows users to set their desired temperature according to the wines they want to store. Seven sturdy beech wood shelves allow for 74 classic Bordeaux-style bottles to be arranged, stored and viewed with ease.
RRP: $1,499.00


With versatile cooking functions, allowing you to cook as a closed contact grill, raised oven grill, or open BBQ grill, the MultiGrill is perfect for the Dad that loves getting creative in the kitchen. Each plate has a separate thermostat that can go from 60°C-230°C, perfect for searing juicy steaks. Not to mention, with a dedicated app to ensure perfect cooking and removable dishwasher safe plates, the messy bits are all covered!
RRP: $299


Air Purifier Heater and Cooling Fan
De’Longhi’s new multifunctional appliance gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘comfort’. Experience the sensation of continuous air flow that is shaped to encompass you. Surround yourself in warm or cool air that is cleansed of harmful particles providing you and your family with a healthy home environment all year long.
RRP: $699.00

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Entering the comfort zone

You and your family can now experience 3D Comfort in your home thanks to the latest Air Purifier, Heater and Cooling fan from De’Longhi.

The newest member of our comfort range is a portable, all-season, multi-functional product that is designed to create an enveloping environment for your family.

To us, a ‘comfort zone’ is a place that has the perfect balance of even and gentle air coverage from left-to-right and from head-to-toe for you and your family. It is the ideal zone filled with purified, warm and cool air.

Having an air purifier is a staple in the home as purified air is essential to living comfortably. Even the cleanest room in the house could still have pollutants in the air, which is not ideal for anyone. From pet dander to unpleasant odours, this air purifier quickly and quietly removes allergens and other particles from your home.

Our team has worked with this innovative technology to deliver 360° of ideal airflow for maximum comfort. Our ‘comfort zone’ is a place where we feel at home, comfortable and relaxed, and we are excited to finally be a part of yours.

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Easy winter recipes

For many of us, winter is about rugging up, avoiding the flu and staying indoors. We often forget about the great seasonal comfort food.

There is plenty of beautiful produce that thrives in the cooler months. Citrus comes to life in the winter and we are gifted with sweet mandarins, pomelos and blood oranges. Vegetables are no different with celery, potatoes, carrots and peas flourishing in this time.

Winter is the perfect time for soups, slow-cooked stews or a big roast dinner. The only downside to some of these delicious comfort foods is that they can be a labour of love. What if you could make all your favourite winter dishes, but cut your time in the kitchen and save it for the more important things?

We have the answer for you. The MultiCuisine is designed to make your meals faster and healthier and not to mention tastier. Create risottos, stews, roasts and even desserts and cakes all with minimal fuss.

The MultiCuisine combines a low-oil fryer and multi-cooker and a unique Surround Heating System that offers rapid cooking time and a healthier spin to your meals. It also promises to shake up your routine meal preparation with automatic stirring and no shortage of what to cook with over 350 recipes available online and at the Google Play and iTunes store

Not all hearty meals have to be richly meat-heavy either. Why not warm up with this delicious Vegetarian Curry packed with pumpkin and chickpeas. The perfect way to spice up a cold winter’s night in!

While you’re at it, you can round out the meal with a crusty wholemeal Apple and Fig Tart (exclusive recipe only available in Australia)

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Winter beverages

We all dabble in a morning coffee or two. Perhaps you even have a mid-afternoon espresso to keep on thriving. But what about after the day is done, what helps you wind down?

Our PrimaDonna Elite Experience coffee machine has a MixCarafe with two attachments. One is used for frothing cold beverages such as iced coffees, espresso cocktails and cold milk (chocolate). The other attachment is ideal for creating creamy hot beverages, such as hot chocolate or the perfect mocha.

This means that not only can you enjoy your morning coffee, but you can also come home from a long hard day, wrap your hands around a toasty mug and unwind with a mocha made just how you like it.

If your day is really long, then let’s not beat around the bush; treat yourself to a Siciliano. A fresh, Italian take on the classic Espresso Martini. The perfect beverage for all seasons.

The Siciliano joins together the joys of a sun-drenched orange grove with the warmth of a winter fireplace to ignite the fulfilling flavours of comforting coffee with a bite.


60ml sweet vermouth
50ml amaro (Fernet Branca or Amaro Lucano)
60ml double espresso, cooled
25ml sugar syrup
Soda water
Fresh orange rind

The best thing about a coffee filled cocktail is the taste that fresh coffee brings. If you are going to spend money on good quality spirits, then you should take the time to create good quality coffee.

By using your De’Longhi made espresso to enrich your cocktail, your heart will be warmed with a familiar comfort that you know and love, all whilst getting the kick that you need from a stiff drink.

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