Treat yourself with the gift of delicious coffee

Christmas is all about enjoying the good things in life. And whether you want to spoil yourself or your loved ones, a coffee machine might be exactly what you’re after.

Coffee connoisseur or coffee novice, our range of tailor-made coffee machines are designed to provide you with barista quality coffee with just one touch. From the top of the range PrimaDonna Elite Experience with all the bells and whistles, to the entry-level Magnifica which delivers a perfect espresso every time – there is a machine for everyone.

PrimaDonna Elite Experience
Ideal for a home entertainer to make personalised, barista quality coffee at home for friends and family without a hassle. The PrimaDonna Elite Experience makes the art of coffee look easy with a top of the range, intuitive machine that can do it all for you at the touch of a button. The ultimate machine for the coffee obsessed in the family.

PrimaDonna Elite
The PrimaDonna Elite offers ultimate personalisation, delivering coffee recipes for all times of the day. A perfect combination of sleek design, state-of-the-art coffee technology and ease of use, the PrimaDonna Elite is the new generation of De’Longhi bean-to-cup coffee makers to satisfy every desire.

PrimaDonna Class
The PrimaDonna Class is a sleek stainless-steel coffee machine which uses fresh coffee beans to deliver the perfect cup every time. The coffee machine is linked to an app making quality coffee even easier for you to make.

Dinamica Plus
Enjoy a perfectly crafted Italian espresso with the Dinamica Plus. Whether you prefer a cappuccino, flat white or latte, the LatteCrema System creates creamy, silky smooth milk. For lovers of barista quality coffee, you can tailor and save your personal beverage preferences based on aroma, espresso pour length and the coffee-to-milk ratio, thanks to the new My Function. Equipped with the smart one-touch feature, Dinamica Plus knows your coffee habits and lists your favourite coffees first on the full touch screen display.

The Magnifica is an easy to use tailor-made coffee machine which creates delicious coffee in the comfort of your home. The manual milk frother allows for an array of milk-based coffees to be made, and has customisable aroma levels and quantities for each recipe.

To try a delicious De’Longhi coffee for yourself, head along to a demonstration today.

Looking to match your appliances? Pair your new coffee machine with the new Distinta Flair kettle and toaster range in Finesse Silver, which doubles as a great stocking filler. Or, give the gift of purified air with the new Air Purifier, Heater and Cooling Fan. This machine caters to all seasons and is the perfect product to keep the family comfortable throughout the entire year.

Visit our website to browse the entire De’Longhi range and potential gift ideas.

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An Italian Christmas with De’Longhi and @italyonmymind

Paola Bacchia (@italyonmymind) is a part of our De’Longhi family, a true coffee lover and author of two cookbooks. She lives in Melbourne, but just like De’Longhi, her roots are Italian. That’s why we have asked her to describe what an Italian Christmas looks like.

An Italian Christmas, by Paola Bacchia

In Italy, Christmas is a time of celebration with family, and what better way to celebrate than with a feast! Many Italians celebrate on Christmas Eve, following their feast with midnight mass before returning home to open presents. A typical meal really depends on which region you are from. Italians put a lot of time into preparation and often, we feature a special ingredient saved just for this time of year.

Most Christmas tables will start off with platters of cured meats such as prosciutto, culatello and salame before first course, accompanied by pickled vegetables. In central and northern Italy, you might have tortellini in brodo (filled pasta in a chicken broth), lasagne or potato gnocchi served with a meat ragù, followed by roasted stuffed capon (chicken), roasted goat or boiled meats served with mustard fruits or salsa verde.

In terms of sweets, these days panettone or Pandoro will grace most Christmas tables. Typical bite-sized sweets include fried sugary aniseed-laced torcinelli in Abruzzo, spicy dense rococò rings in Naples and chocolate dipped mostaccioli Pugliesi in the Salento. The meal will usually be finished off with a nip of home-made liqueur, often as a digestivo (to aid digestion) such as herb-infused grappa, limoncello or walnut-based nocino before finishing off with a strong coffee.

Though some Italians in Australia opt for the wintery fare that they enjoyed when living in Italy, the seasonal differences mean that many opt for a less traditional and lighter meal. Many Italians love seafood, and that is what we enjoyed for our Christmas celebration when we were growing up here. My father would cook skewers of garlicky prawns and scallops on the outdoor barbecue, drizzling them with olive oil and scattering on parsley. My mother would make her deboned and stuffed chicken, where the chicken meat would form a ring around the stuffing of ham, pressed tongue, pistachio nuts and pork sausage. Dessert would be mamma’s special apple strudel or coffee-laced tiramisù and as we are Italian, we would always finish off the meal with a strong coffee, though the adults might add to their espresso coffee some grappa to turn it into a caffè corretto.

Buon natale a tutti!
Paola Bacchia

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Five ways to make your kitchen pretty – by Three Birds Renovations

We know kitchens are at the top of many people’s reno wish list, but they’re often at the bottom of the list when it comes to styling your home. Kitchens need love too, so please don’t forget to style yours! #forgetmenot

If you’re doing a full kitchen reno, or just want to freshen up your existing one, here are five ways to make your kitchen look pretty special:

Put your pretties on parade
I can think of no better way to display your pretties than with a stunning black glass display box, like we built in House 9. I like to style shelves using a combo of greenery, candles, canisters, stacked plates and bowls, and even artwork. I cluster my accessories into groups and make sure there are gaps between the items. Books work well in the kitchen too. Big, chunky recipe books look great on open shelves or just on the benchtop and they have a reason for being there – the recipes are within reach! Tip: Don’t overdo it with too many items – less is more.

Art works in kitchens too
Art in a kitchen works! Cooking can be quite the creative process so it makes sense to have an inspiring, creative piece hanging nearby. Now the obvious constraint is where to find the space to hang art in a kitchen amid all the tiles and cabinetry. I’ll admit hanging art won’t work for everyone, but if there is a side wall or an open shelf you can lean a print on, it’s worth considering.

Tea and toast too good to hide
Numerous small appliances fighting for space on your benchtop is never a good look. But we’ve found the prettiest kettle and toaster we ever did see and they’re just too good-looking to hide away.

We’re totally crushing on the Argento Flora range from De’Longhi. With colour names like Azure Blue, Peony Pink, Jasmine Beige and Peppermint Green, these beauties are sure to make a statement in any kitchen.

Let me show you the Peppermint pretties we chose for House 9 and you’ll understand why they got pole position on the benchtop.

Flowers and foliage
Fresh or faux, I’m not fussy unless we’re talking herbs! Every kitchen is improved with a pop of green. Plants look pretty on open shelves, especially trailing plants that hang down. And if you are using faux... just add water to make them look really real.

Can your kitchen handle some bling?
Changing your handles is a quick and inexpensive way to freshen up your kitchen. Gold or brass handles will instantly add pops of bling. In House 9 we choose large, modern brass knobs from Lo & Co and they do a great job of tying modern and traditional together in this kitchen.

Have fun trying these five styling tips in your own kitchen. You’ll be bringing pretty back in no time!

Written by Three Birds Renovations creative director Bonnie Hindmarsh.

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Inspiring coffee recipes

So many of us fall into the routine of drinking the same kind of coffee day after day. But come spring we want to spice things up a bit, so we have asked our friend Chris Trigg to provide us with some fresh coffee recipes.

Chris is a barista at specialty coffee company ONA coffee, a coffee enthusiast and a firm believer in automated coffee machines. Just like us. He has put his PrimaDonna Elite Experience to the test and created three exclusive recipes for our De’Club members. Enjoy and show us your creations by tagging @delonghi_au.

Espresso martini
45ml vanilla flavoured vodka
45ml coffee liqueur
45ml espresso (Use 2 x ‘espresso function’, extra strong aroma, small size)
Ice cubes

Place all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker, add ice, and shake! It’s important to use fresh ice and add it last before shaking so the drink doesn’t get watered down. Once you start feeling condensation on the outside of the shaker, it’s good to go! Open it up, double strain it into a chilled martini glass, garnish with 2 or 3 coffee beans and enjoy!

Honey iced latte
60ml espresso (Use 2 x ‘espresso function’, extra strong aroma, small size)
200ml milk
Espresso ice cubes
1 tsp honey
Sprig of rosemary

This tasty twist on the classic iced latte is a great way to keep the drink chilled without it being watered down by melting ice. Just freeze some espresso in an ice cube tray ahead of time. Add two shots of fresh espresso into a glass with a teaspoon of honey and mix thoroughly before adding the frozen coffee ice cubes. Top it up with milk and feel free to add more honey to taste. Pop in a sprig of rosemary and serve!

Brew and berry lemonade
200ml brewed coffee (Use the ‘long function’, medium aroma, large size)
100ml lemonade
Slice of lemon

A real crowd pleaser. Use brewed coffee that has been left to cool, and you could make your own lemonade, but readymade works just fine. Simply add these ingredients into a glass with ice and sliced strawberries, and garnish with a slice of lemon.

Stay tuned for more refreshing coffee recipes to keep you cool in the warmer months.

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